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  • This area of the site is dedicated to story ideas.
    • A list of the current works in progress can be found in the navigator to the lefthand side of the page.

  • The Relm Of Tyrants - Book One - Try For Conquest:
    • This first volume in the Relm Of Tyrants series covers the asendency of the northern kingdom under the watchful eyes of its tyranical mentor. An immortal from the distant realm of Cesarna. A part man who will stop at nothing to gain dominion over all.

      The tale is split across two parts, the first sees the demise of the immortals most devout enemies, the graceful and wise Elves. The people of Loth the elves closest allies also fall within the same night.

      The second sees the rest of the ReLm kingdoms coming to terms with the war and an attempt to form a new alliance that will offer a chance against the immortal and his barbarian hordes.

  • Synopsis:
    • Once the immortal's of Casana fought over the destiny of worlds not their own. The gods grew angry of their arrogance and forced chaos upon the world of the antagonists. The wars ceased and the immortal fought to restore order to their world, but from the cursed chaos comes a new threat. That of desire, a deep rooted need for order unobtainable upon their own world, a want for stabillity and the touch of solid existence.

      One reaches for the only place he knows such things dwell and the war begins again.

      He is followed by his archenemy a man of honour but haunted by demons of his own. They follow their own paths but the new world has its own dangers many that escape their attention.

      As the immortal's empire grows his enemies mount and in his blind grab for power he drags other worldly beings into the conflict risking the entire worlds oblivion.

  • Chapters - Part 1 - Before The Defeat:
    • Chapter 1 - Ditanal - Pages 1 to 26:
      • Ditanal searches for a way to bring his dreams to life. The Northern kingdom is his but the rest of the ReLm is avoiding his attempts. If he can just be rid of the elves and their Lothian allies the task will be almost done.
    • Chapter 2 - The Arrival - Pages 27 to 42:
      • Having found the knowledge he sort in his aquired library Ditanal sets about preparing for his summoned guest. He ignores the ancient warning about the dark enemy and seeks their endless hordes as his allie.
    • Chapter 3 - Escape - Pages 43 to 68:
      • Ditanal's slaves have others to worry over besides themselves and the plans the tyrant has for one lowly subject spurns them to risk an untimely demise. Help comes from the most unexpected sources both the victim and the slaves soon discover. Ditanal's archenemy lurks along the edge of destruction as he tries to bring the man to justice.
    • Chapter 4 - Departure - Pages 69 to 92:
      • Ditanal's slaves send the woman they helped escape Ditanal's clutches into a new danger knowing its her only small chance of survival. She discovers many things about the legends surround the tower hidden beneath it. The Elves and their allies prepare for the invasion they suspect Ditanal has already sent in their direction. In the process they upset their long standing allies and spark far too many rumours.
    • Chapter 5 - Beginnings - Pages 93 to 94:
      • As one doorway of opportunity closes and another opens, a group of long standing friends find themselves looking into the future with a glum attitude that almost sets them on a course that will ultimately ruin all they have come to love. War is brewing but that seems to be the least of their worries, or perhaps only the prelude to something far worse.
    • Chapter 6 - Endings - Pages 95 to 113:
      • The war the elves fear arrives upon them. Ditanal's new ally sends a message to all the inhabitants of the ReLm isles that no fool can ignore.
  • Chapters - Part 2 - After The Defeat:
    • Chapter 7 - Truth - Pages 114 to 145:
      • The warlike and krolac hating nomads are one of Ditanal's new enemies that have sworn to set right the wrongs he forced upon the elves. Their vengeful protector known as the keeper has his sights fimly fixed on killing the tyrant but with the elves dead he has no way to follow the prophesy. The prophesy makes his foolishness standout with a simple truth.
    • Chapter 8 - Menial's - Pages 146 to 166:
      • Ditanal's destruction of the elves also gave rise to new nations. Those who had once been the servants had become the masters of Karn, but they still have a dislike of the tyrant they owe him nothing. The keeper steps into the new nations' lives as the hero an old friend has made him out to be. But even here Ditanal's longgrip reaches out to possess.
    • Chapter 9 - Spy - Pages 167 to 191:
      • Infiltrated by Ditanal's spy the Menial Royalty finds itself plunged deep into the coming war against the krolac. The keeper and his close friends take on the quest to kill a blaide, Ditanal's ally and destroyer of the elves. Even knowing the truth of his origin the keeper is faced with death rather than live upto the fact of disabillity.
    • Chapter 10 - Sius - Pages 192 - 212:
      • The second of the ReLm's tyrants introduced, Sius Gladrium. A man from the forbidden lands who seems to know the secret of Weaver magic. The only form of magic allowed to be practiced in the forbidden lands. He is an aberration to most, as Weavers are far from known for their acceptance of people not there own. His use of the power is a cause for great concern.
    • Chapter 11 - Lost - Pages 213 - 259:
      • Far from his homeland the Barbarian Shajarre seeks his lost brother on the ReLm's. After promises from the tyrant Sius Gladrium to help find his brother Shajarre agrees to help him topple the kingdom of Alore. Reluctantly the Barbarian follows Sius out of the forbidden lands and into more trouble than he would have ever expected.
    • Chapter 12 - Fall - Pages 260 - 293:
      • Shajarre finds himself reliving the days with his missing brother in his dreams as he waits for Sius to give the order for attack. He is not sure why but he starts to suspect that his notorious sixth sense is behind the ordeal, and if so what is it trying to convey.
    • Chapter 13 - Assassin - Pages 294 - 359:
      • Still struggling through his past Shajarre repeats his encounter with the rich merchants son, and the assassin who had been hired to protect them. They soon discover that there are more playing the game than they realised. As the mysterious lady of the citadel orders their company to join her.
    • Chapter 14 - Rescue - Pages 360 - 407:
      • Shajarre's dreams move on to his attempt to rescue a besiged village from looting bandits. A black storm devours the village and Shajarre finds himself confronted by assassins and an old friend.
    • Chapter 15 - Visitors - Pages 408 - 471:
      • The sacred land of the weavers has been trespassed. The secretive and deadly owners seek out the invader only to be harassed by a second intruder. A man far more dangerous than they imagine. He is an assassin for law, a bringer of swift and violent justice. They sentence him to death unaware of the threat he posses to their very existance.
    • Chapter 16 - Hounds - Pages 472 - 499:
      • Ditanal's most trusted and elite regiment, the hound assassins are only as trusted as he lets them think. He has a task that will be difficult if not impossible to accomplish. However he makes sure their leader understands that failure is no option.
    • Chapter 17 - Exile - Pages 500 - 503:
      • Long hidden from the eyes of man the ancient mages sleep the long sleep in the hope of finding more than they ever dreamed. From this search Nefablon of the Dalaba awakens to the summons of the great god Nathrunn. Don the grey he is commanded, refusal disturbs his thoughts for only a brief moment. To become Danjabarianne is a dream none ever expected to receive. To become a warrior for the king of the gods.
    • Chapter 18 - Families - Pages 504 - 535:
      • The Ratouc nation has long been at war with Ditanal but their internal hatreds have a far longer history. The arrival of Dwarf descendents and the murder of the Kral Households ruling husband by Ditanal's unexpected ally sets the scene for mass carnage. Syul Kral, the Kral queen must overcome her greif inorder to prevent her races extinction.
    • Chapter 19 - Memories - Pages 536 - 545:
      • Shajarre's dreams come thick and fast as his sixth sense tries desperately hard to make him see sense. Sius seeing the dangers of Shajarre's behaviour puts new plans into motion that could ultimately kill the big barbarian.
    • Chapter 20 - Thar - Pages 546 - 576:
      • Having taken on the challenge of killing the Blaide the keeper has to relinquish his title and alienate himself from his people. His long standing friends soon learn of the magical deception known as Thar.
    • Chapter 21 - Malarnac - Pages 577 - 608:
      • Back in the world of dreams Shajarre returns to the rich merchants son and his secret life.
    • Chapter 22 - Vengence - Pages 609 - 615:
      • Shajarre's barbarian spirit had been the drive from the start and the means to his brothers abduction - but he failed to see that until it was too late. His dreams show him the truth as was presented in his past but its the vengence in his heart that prevails.
    • Chapter 23 - Worms - Pages 616 - 639:
      • Moving on to another of his early adventures his dreams chart the time he and his brother became involved in the Baer Wastes civil war. His sixth sense makes sure he pays special heed to the first fateful meeting of a hooded figured calling himself Sius.
    • Chapter 24 - Outlaws - Pages 640 - 669:
      • Shajarre has to flee once Alore fell to the tyrant Sius. The truth had finally struck him and he knows the man is aware of his brothers whereabouts. Infact he had probably orcestrated the whole thing.
    • Chapter 25 - Ex-Leader - Pages 670 - 678:
      • Still Shajarre is trapped in his dreams. There is more for him to learn and his sixth sense is as determined as ever to let him see the light. His brother is closer than he lets himself believe.
    • Chapter 26 - Satisfied - Pages 679 - 687:
      • At last his sixth sense can rest as the facts have finally struck the right cord. The visitor to the Weaver lands has his fate sealed as the weavers become satisfied with their verdict of guily.
    • Chapter 27 - Judgement - Pages 688 - 730:
      • With his judgement passed the visitor sets for the worst knowing they will regret their mistake way too late.
    • Chapter 28 - Freedom - Pages 731 - 749:
      • Nefablon completes his first test for entry into the Danjarbarin and releases the exiled mage Tarnre. Only to discover that the mans inprisonment is not all that it seems.

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