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  • This area of the site is dedicated to story ideas.
    • A list of the current works in progress can be found in the navigator to the lefthand side of the page.

  • Places: A few locations of note from the tale.
    • Rialseln:
      • Natural bowl that surrounds the ancient white tree deep in the Thaynarion forest.
    • Serpents Marsh:
      • Notorious poisened marsh located on the isle of Dyph. The home to the corrupt
        fairy kin known as Dark Swell.
    • Shan Dwell:
      • Northern settlement located along the north border of the Baer Wastes in the
        north east of the Forbidden Lands.
    • Strigthin:
      • Long strip of plain that separates the two great western forests of Kura.
    • Teriavaine:
      • Living forest placed to protect the well of the gods.
    • The Forbidden Lands:
      • Largest continent, secluded from the world by a magical barrier.
    • The Garden Of Sorrow:
      • Ditanal's final punishment to the conquered king Drazan.
    • Thunders Reach:
      • The northern most mountain range on the isle of Kura.
    • Dyph:
      • Small island off the south cost of Kura.
    • Kura:
      • Largest of the Relm islands and central location of the tales.
    • Reef:
      • Smallest of the ReLm islands, nothing more than a chunk of rock but home to the
        Ruin Of Evil.

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