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  • This area of the site is dedicated to story ideas.
    • A list of the current works in progress can be found in the navigator to the lefthand side of the page.

  • Artifacts: A list of key magical items and objects from the tale.
    • Buna:
      • Ring of ancient trees that surround the Rialseln to form a natural fortress
        around the Thaynarian sacred white tree.
    • Calousen:
      • One of a pair of black bladed swords thought to have been forged by the masters
        of time and hidden in the mythical thirteenth plain.
    • Crystal Syst:
      • A rare and always exploited natural formation of crystal that allows sunlight
        to reach deep inside mountains.
    • Esserial Path:
      • Magical passage way that was sealed in ages past to hold the tide of Blaide
        from the other realms of existance.
    • Excalibur:
      • The third sword thought to have been forged by the masters of time and hidden
        in the mythical thirteenth realm.
    • Goren's Eye:
      • Dwarven eye shaped look-out post mounted above the main gates of Karn fortress.
    • Iorn Gate:
      • Massive iron gates rumoured to be the last thing any mage wishes to see, as its
        the fabled entrance to the Hall of Exile.
    • Knowledgeable Pool:
      • A magical pool able to look at the events on other worlds, resides in the
        temple of Nathrunn on the world of Casana.
    • Light Sticks:
      • Old human magic from the time of ancient man, now only used by the Ratouc Kral
    • Melistross:
      • Water of the gods. Said to destroy all it touches.
    • Ostral:
      • Magical sword constructed by the tree spirit lord Tormardonath.
    • Passage Of Contemplation:
      • A place of peace frequented by those who are soon to be exiled.
    • Path Of Imprisonment:
      • The final leg of the convicted as they are taken to the Hall of Exile.
    • Pillars Of Monarath:
      • The rules governing the code of conduct for the Knight Dar.
    • Room Of Seals:
      • Heart of the Hall of Exile, the final resting place for those in exile.
    • Stones Of Despair:
      • The punishment of those to be exiled.
    • Tay, Gals:
      • Two of the divine words of power used only by the gods.
    • The Blade:
      • An ancient weapon of mass destruction that houses a heart of evil.
    • The Pyramid Altar:
      • The sacred shrine of Nathrunn located in the bowls of Karn.
    • Throne Of Grammarie:
      • Holy chair of the Weavers.
    • Water Clock:
      • Time piece used by the Weavers in their underground lair.

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