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  • This area of the site is dedicated to story ideas.
    • A list of the current works in progress can be found in the navigator to the lefthand side of the page.

  • Items: A sample of weapons and other items that are mentioned in the tale.

    • Akebow:
      • Krolactillian bow made from alloys dated around the time of man. Rare and
        highly sort after the Akebow has extream long range and can peirce most
    • Baeyael Dagger:
      • Little is known of this mythical dagger but the tales that do circulate
        are sordid and most outside of assassin guilds will not hear its name
    • Cespyeir:
      • Round tents used by the nomadic Armadian nation.
    • Credit:
      • Standard unit of the monetry system used by the peoples of Slayer's home.
    • Crutha:
      • Dwarven board game known for its excessive number of rules and pieces. The
        game is also favoured by the Elves althouth their version is much simplified.
    • Halei:
      • Smaller form of the Armadian Cespyeir usually attached to and used as an
        entry way to the much larger Cespyeir.
    • Haleri:
      • Plural form of Halei.
    • Kracur:
      • Krolactillian sword almost as rare as the Axebow and made from identicle
        alloys. Heavy and sharp the Kracur is also distinctive with its serrated
    • Krykar:
      • The most common Krolactillian weapon, a short heavy spear that weighs an
        impressive 30lbs. Few other than the giant Krolac can wield them with any
        skill and few live to tell of surviving a blow.
    • Mire:
      • A type of staff much shorter than the quarter staff but with bulbous weighted
        ends that are often covered with spikes. Used mostly by the reculsive tribes
        of the vanished southern wastes.
    • Saric:
      • Magical liquid from the world of Casana that allows living beings to pass
        through solid objects.
    • Southern Fighting Staff:
      • A shorter staff then the famous quarter staff but favoured by the peasents
        of the south. Many seasoned warriors have discovered not to underestimate
        a farm hand with one of these near by.
    • Staff Of Power:
      • A Blaide item of magical energy that comes to Ditanal from an unexpected
        and dangerous hand.
    • Sword Of Nefablon:
      • Few know the true origin of this sword though it is named after one of its
        nefarious masters, the dark elf mage Nefablon. The sword is unique in that
        it has a shadow for a blade and kills on coming in contact with naked skin.
    • Trimlin Bit:
      • Equal to 50 credits in the monetry system of Slayer's home.

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