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  • This area of the site is dedicated to story ideas.
    • A list of the current works in progress can be found in the navigator to the lefthand side of the page.

  • Terms: A few terms from the tale.
    • Talloth:
      • A Krolac military rank, a commander with twenty troops under his direct control.
    • The Brotheren:
      • Ratouc underground that deals with all things illegal.
    • The Great Council:
      • The merchant body that carries clout in the kingdom of Alore. Many consider the fickle council to be the true rule of the kingdom.
    • The Keeper:
      • The founder and protector of the nomadic Armadian nation.
    • The Pit:
      • A large mess hall found in the underground portion of the great dwarvern fortress of Karn.
    • The Rings:
      • Duely elected chief of the Armadian nation.
    • The Warning:
      • The Armadian Keepers warning when he goes beyond the limits of his purifying curse.
    • Uth:
      • Lowest ranking Krolac officer.
    • Zhozhezha:
      • Old Krolac term that roughly translated means Devil.


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